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Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Supplies World of Coca-Cola touring structure

The 'World of Coke' tour of Turkey has completed the first year of a five year tour that will visit 28 cities and attract over 1 Million visitors.
The tour is housed in a Tectoniks 1,600 square metre inflatable structure comprised of three, custom-designed interconnecting domes. The domes enclose zones covering the history of the company, the production processes and quality standards, and the future of Coca-Cola with particular emphasis on sustainability.
Enlarge picture

This is the most comprehensive and long-term project for Coca-Cola in Turkey with the tour employing over 2,500 people over the five years.
Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 5554 Author Tectoniks 9 september 2013 Comments (0)  More »

Inflatable buildings

Company of the year - Inflatable structures

Business and Industry Today Magazine recently awarded, Evolution Dome 'Company of the Year' for their creative and inspiring inflatable structures. The inflatable structures company based in Cambridgeshire, England and Benelux, Belgium have been working alongside some of the most well known brands in the world over the past couple of years to inspire their events with their revolutionary and stylish inflatable structures.

Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 4681 Author Evolution Dome 9 august 2013 Comments (0)  More »

Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings

Arizon Structures



Arizon Structures are the fastest and most cost effective way to build a clear span building. Arizon
Structure’s constructs buildings in weeks, not months, for prices that are often just 1/3 the cost of conventional construction.

Arizon Structures are sometimes referred to as domes, air domes, air bubbles, dome buildings, inflatable buildings, inflatable domes, dome shelters, indoor domes, air supported or fabric structures. While many fabric building companies only build one kind of building, Arizon Structures builds air supported fabric structures, frame supported fabric structures, and tension (or tensile) fabric structures. Many Arizon Structure installations are permanent, year-round buildings, but Arizon Structures also offers seasonal & temporary flexibility according to the application. Learn more about Arizon Structures.

Considering a conventional, metal or steel building for your open-span application? An Arizon Structure makes for a much better investment.

Are you researching and trying to select an air structure, air dome, or fabric building manufacturer?

Arizon Structures is the leader in fabric, air structure, and frame building consulting, engineering, construction, maintenance, and service. We build fabric structures around the world for clients ranging from universities to Fortune 500 companies. No other company manufacturers both its own fabric membranes and inflation, heating, and/or cooling systems. Furthermore, we manufacture our fabric buildings in our very own air structure. Click the following links to read more about how Arizon’s technology, pricing, financing options, warranty, and financial stability are simply second to none in our industry. Learn more about why the choice to choose Arizon Structures for your next air dome, fabric building, or frame structure is simple.

have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 1636 Author arizonstructures 5 june 2013 Comments (0)  

Inflatable buildings

Event Tents Global

Enlarge picture

Event solutions company, supplying all aspects of event needs. We are a one stop rental shop, Event Tents and Furniture, Event logistics, Event Electrics, Event Water solutions, Event Management, all in house and by the one company. Ireland UK Europe & the rest.

We also design and build any idea of tent/structure, to clients exact requirements.
Website: www.eventtentsglobal.com
Email: contact@eventtentsglobal.com

Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 1993 Author eventtentsglobal 5 april 2013 Comments (0)  More »

Inflatable buildings

Quality Inflatable Buildings

   Tecnodimension company,desingns and manufactures inflatable      
  buildings for all types of events,with original and innovate designs.
   We offer a new vision to create different events.
   The whole process takes place at its headquarters in Spain,from design
  manufacturing,offering a product with full warranty.

Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 1715 Author tecnodimension 28 february 2013 Comments (0)  

Running a company related to tensile structures or other relocatable buildings ? Join us to publish your product photos and other promotional information about your company in Fabric Structure community for free!

Inflatable buildings

Outdoor membrane structures Inflatable building tent

Are you finding a large enough air structure for your big event? to use it as sport hall, or large inflatable building or air shelter

Looking at this giant inflatable membrane structure, it is one of the largest outdoor tent we produce still now. It is a portable inflatable building that can be used for most occasions.


Enlarge picture


The size is 75L m x 50mW x25mH, the material is customized from Plato, It is waterproof, flame-retardant and uv-resistant.


Enlarge picture


For more details, please feel free to contact us.

We are inflatabable manufacture in China. we can offer you many kinds of inflatable tents, dome or air sturcture or shelter for your event solution. You are welcome to contact us any time. 

have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 6124 Author yolloy 13 december 2012 Comments (0)  

Inflatable buildings

what is the detail of the llarge inflatable tent with air frame structure

Large inflatable tent  are very popular because it can not only used as  inflatable sport hall or  instant inflatable exhibition, it is also can be used as  inflatable camping tent or  inflatable construction site or even  inflatable temporary house during amusement or travel.

alt alt alt alt alt

Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 4496 Author Yally 25 august 2012 Comments (0)  More »

Inflatable buildings

Dryspace Structurtes Ltd

Dryspace Structures supply the very best in inflatable structures to the events industry, we offer a be-spoke service along with our 'off the shelf' range of structures both for sale and to hire. Dryspace have been supplying most UK companies with our designs for many years. So if it looks like ours it probably is ours.

Enlarge picture

Post rating: Useless Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 3028 Author dryspace 14 july 2012 Comments (12)  More »

Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Inflatable buildings

100% Air Structures

Breathe New Life Into Your Event With Air Structures


Since being developed by a forward-thinking group of American architects in the 1960s, air structures are now a familiar sight at countless events across the globe. Now, innovative UK company Evolution Dome is helping customers breathe new life into their events by offering a huge range of eye-catching air structures combined with customer service that's like a breath of fresh air.

Enlarge picture


Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 3395 Author EvolutionDome 16 may 2012 Comments (8)  More »

Inflatable buildings

2012 hot sale big inflatable white tent with bubble effect for wedding party

Have a big party event project, but do not have good solution? Are you in trouble of finding good building or point to arrange the big project? 

Enlarge picture

If so, we have good suggestion for you. 
This white inflatable tent with bubble effect, it is beautiful, widely use and also, It is top grade and give people noble sense. So No matter you use it as wedding tent, our party tent or dinner hall or sport hall or others are ok. 

Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 3363 Author Yally 11 may 2012 Comments (8)  More »
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