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Football Stadiums

The importance by Football Stadiums is not only the fact of giving shade, also to have a waterproof roof. CENO Membrane Technology finished in February 2014 their 21th Football Stadium in Manaus (Brazil) for the FIFA 2014.

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Legacy Builds Fabric Storage Building for Portland Yacht Services

Portland Yacht Services has opened a new facility for boat storage and maintenance at its new location on the western end of the waterfront in Portland, Maine. The new tension fabric building was custom designed and constructed by Legacy Building Solutions.

Founded in 1981, Portland Yacht Services had previously operated out of historic brick buildings on Portland's eastern waterfront, but gravitated toward a fabric structure when discussing a storage facility for the new boatyard.

"We liked the idea of having a fabric structure that could be illuminated primarily by natural sunlight coming through the roof," said Phineas Sprague, Jr., president of Portland Yacht Services. "We also needed a building that could accommodate a wide range of boats, from 100-foot-long yachts down to jet skis. The new fabric building has long clear spans that require no interior posts, which makes it easier to maneuver vehicles, trailers and boats inside."

Portland Yacht's storage building features durable rigid frame, I-beam engineering. It measures 120 by 160 feet, and was designed with specific clearances to meet zoning maximums and interior required volume. To accommodate various boat sizes and entry points, the main endwall incorporates three entrance doors – a 30- by 30-foot bi-fold loading door and two 20- by 20-foot high lift overhead doors.

"The I-beam design gives the building a conventional look," said Sprague. "It fits well visually on the site, which our neighbors really appreciate. Legacy also supplied an interior liner to prevent moisture from dripping off the ceiling, something that competing manufacturers we talked to could not or would not do for us. Their responsiveness to our needs throughout the process was impressive."

The exclusive interior liner system includes active cavity ventilation to increase energy efficiency. Ventilation is further aided by an active gable intake and exhaust system. Additionally, load design of the building frame can accommodate interior circulation fans and future expansion. The structure also includes a sprinkler system and is built to conform to NFPA 303 fire protection standards for marinas and boatyards.

Other features of the new fabric building include 3-foot eave extensions, ice breakers at the roof edges, exterior light and camera mounts, and a bird deterrent system. The building meets seismic "C" design codes, and the polyethylene tension fabric roof is rated for 110 mph winds and 60 PSF ground snow.

Sprague, who operates Portland Yacht Services with his wife and fellow circumnavigator Joanna, added that the new yard is increasing their capabilities to boats up to 1,300 tons with a dry dock. The company currently employs about 45 people and serves thousands of customers throughout the state of Maine.

Legacy Building Solutions specializes in the innovative design, engineering and construction of fabric-covered buildings for several different industries and applications. For more information, contact Legacy Building Solutions, 19500 County Road 142, South Haven, MN 55382, call 320-259-7126 or 877-259-1528, or visit the company's website at  www.legacybuildingsolutions.com.

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Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!


Benefits of Fabric Buildings in Mining Applications

Fabric structures on a rigid steel frame are ideal for a variety of surface mining applications. Fabric buildings are flexible and sturdy enough to be used in all phases of the mining process.


Fabric buildings are designed to be permanent but can be relocated, expanded or reduced as needed. Each building is low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant. The fabric cladding will never corrode, and steel frames can be painted, primed or hot dip galvanized for ultimate corrosion protection.


Each aspect of a fabric structure is completely customizable – widths over 300 feet wide, any length, and peak and side wall clearances set where you need them. Any type of vehicle or equipment will have room to maneuver inside the custom structure. Hanging loads such as cranes, conveyors and fire suppression systems can be added right to the building frame for increased functionality.


Customization doesn’t end with building size. The solid steel frame can support accessories including large or multiple doors, ventilation systems or various end wall configurations. Design build structures can be created to fit on odd-shaped lots, or add a canopy to connect a new building with existing building systems.


For even more flexibility, fabric can be combined with other building materials such as steel or concrete walls, or fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). Hybrid fabric buildings are especially popular for bulk storage.


Customization isn’t the only benefit of fabric buildings. With the strength of a rigid steel frame, Legacy buildings can withstand any environmental conditions. Each structure is design-built for applicable snow load, wind load and seismic load at the job site. Each building is designed to carry multiple loads, including environmental loads and drop loads from cranes and conveyors.


Lightweight architectural fabric can be shipped anywhere in the world more cheaply than steel cladding. Once onsite, your fabric building can be constructed more quickly than traditional building types, allowing for earlier occupancy and profit.


Of course, the most common advantage of fabric buildings is the naturally bright interior. On a sunny day, light penetrates a fabric building through the walls and ceiling, creating a well-lit, pleasant work environment and saving on artificial lighting costs. For night work and overcast days, interior lighting will be magnified – allowing for less electricity used in lighting.


Any feature of a traditional building can be incorporated into a fabric building. Add a lean-to for additional storage or covered parking, build a structure tall enough for a crane to operate inside, use open end walls to drive in and out with maximum maneuverability. It’s all possible inside a fabric structure.


With all the benefits of fabric buildings, it’s no wonder they are popular for mining applications. Below are just some of the ways fabric structures are used in mining.



   ·       Staging facilities

   ·       Portable structures for directional drilling

   ·       Remote mine site shops



   ·       Surge pile covers

   ·       Transfer storage facilities

   ·       Process and bulk storage

   ·       Infrastructure weather protection

   ·       Sorting and packaging



   ·       Workshops

   ·       Garages

   ·       Maintenance facilities



    ·       Break bulk storage

    ·       Cold storage warehousing

    ·       Manufacturing overflow buildings

           Palletized storage


New technology gives fabric buildings the strength and flexibility of traditional building types along with decreased construction time and a better interior work environment. With custom engineering and design-build capabilities, a fabric building can be created for any mining application. 

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Exclusive Tents Ltd.

WORLD LEADERS IN BESPOKE LUXURY UNDER CANVAS. Our tents are engineered to bring one closer to nature and allow one the romance of living under canvas, to find the true tranquility and absolute pure passion of life!

Enlarge picture
Enlarge picture

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Legacy Building Solutions Opens a New Fabric Plant

Legacy Building Solutions recently celebrated the opening of their new state-of-the-art fabric manufacturing plant.


Legacy Building Solutions, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of tension fabric buildings, has opened a  new fabric manufacturing plant at its headquarters in South Haven, Minn. The new facility will allow the company to produce higher quality fabric panels while also increasing capacity.

Enlarge picture


have not been rated yet Category: Other Viewed: 4396 Author legacybuildings 19 september 2012 Comments (0)  More »

Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!

Engineering, Other

Requirement Engineer

We have requirement of tensile Structures Designer and Engineer in our company based Mumbai, Kindly contact in +918767830002
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CMG & Calhoun Super Structures Sponsoring Bus to the Can Intl Farm Show in TO!

Good News! CMG is partnering with Calhoun Super Structures to sponsor a coach bus to the Canadian International Farm Show on Wednesday, February 08, 2012 - $10 per person gets you to the show and back, and covers your admission for the day.
The bus will leave the parking lot of the North Huron Wescast Community Complex, 99 Kerr Drive, Wingham, at 7:00am, and making a second pick-up at the parking lot of the Canadian Tire Store parking lot in Listowel, 500 Mitchell Road, at 7:30am, then arriving at the show between 9:30am and 10:00am.  Space is limited, so contact us today to book your spot - 1.855.264.2969!

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Suppliers, Engineering, Other

Rolling Gates

Depending on the application, exterior rolling gates and interior rolling gates, vertical and horizontal fast moving rolling gates and rolling gates with integrated windows with different industrial rolling gate materials are available as industrial rolling gates They are available from light weight to heavy designs. Cold resistant, fire resistant and antistatic options can also be manufactured.


Flexible curtain in ( Polyester / PVC ) complete with anodized aluminum extrusion for holding the inter changeable sections.

Modular sections allows easy arrangements of differently coloured and transparent panels as well as replacement in case of accidental damage.

High-speed roller doors are offered in many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements.

All high-speed roller doors are produced in a largely maintenance free modular construction

The speed of the vertical folding  pvc fabric and the opening/closing automatism allow a continuous and quick use of the passage, avoiding expensive thermal exchanges between inside and outside.

Strong wind resistance. The Pvc fabric is reinforced with metallic bars put into the horizontal compartments of the doors, to contrast wind force, above all in the case of doors with big dimensions. These reinforcements function also as protection for workers and goods in case of breaking due to wrong or accidental maneuverings.

have not been rated yet Category: Suppliers, Engineering, Other Viewed: 2501 Author punitjhaveri12345 4 january 2012 Comments (4)  More »

www.theadvancedgroup.co.uk . GENERIC NAME(S): Flibanserin
Considering to purchase a fabric tensile structure ? Wish to get proposals from all interested companies in your area? Request a quote right now!


Truck Cover & Tarpaulins

We are exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES to distribute their range of Truck Cover and Tarpaulin Fabrics in India.

Truck tarpaulin project the image of the company. The protection of the transported goods as well as the advertisement for the company put exceptional demands on the material. The type of fabric, the coating and the surface painting have a large impact on the tear-out force, tear-out resistance, flexibility, print reproduction and durability. Depending on the application and operational demand, truck tarpaulins are available in different weights, widths, finishings and many attractive colors.

Applications: Truck Tarpaulin, Truck Cover, Side Curtain, Top Cover, Trailer tarpaulins, sliding tarpaulins, container tarpaulins, open top containers, Caravan cover, Machinery cover, Boat cover, vehicle tarpaulins, airplane containers, wagon tarpaulins

have not been rated yet Category: Other Viewed: 1919 Author punitjhaveri12345 4 january 2012 Comments (3)  More »


CMG/Calhoun Sponsoring Bus to Canadian Int. Farm Show Feb 08, 2012!

Good News! CMG is partnering with Calhoun Super Structures to sponsor a coach bus to the Canadian International Farm Show on Wednesday, February 08, 2012 - www.canadianfarmshow.ca - $10 per person gets you to the show and back, and covers your admission for the day. Space is limited, so contact us today to book your spot - more details to follow - stay tuned!
have not been rated yet Category: Other Viewed: 2000 Author cmgbuildingsolutions 1 december 2011 Comments (1)  More »
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