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Membrane structures

Tensile Structure

We offer a wide range of  Tensile Structures  that are used for Pandal, Tensile Structure for Banquet and, Banquet roofing. Tensile Marriage Hall, Tensile Structure for Food Court, Tensile Structure for Stadium, and Tensile Structure for Airport light weight, flexible and needs low maintenance. Our Products anti-corrosive and designed for various appealing most looks by using latest most technology. The material used is certified and most suitable for the Industry. We also provide customized services as per the specific requirements of our clients. The Tensile Fabric used to protect doors and windows are available in large varieties of flexible exterior coverings, Coverings for gardens, functions, parties, hotels, restaurants and bars. Our product ranges from premium quality, durability, high flexibility, light weight in vibrant colours.

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Membrane structures

3dtex GmbH – Fabric Architecture

Fabric architecture was pioneered approx. 50 years ago mainly by Prof. Frei Otto and has since become a popular and established method of construction. Fabric tensile structures are distinguished by their elegance and airiness, which result in outstanding designs.

Tensile, fabric canopies are by no means only suitable for temporary structures. They are fully fledged constructions that are able to withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind and snow. The double-curved organic design is not just functional, it also gives fabric structures their unique appearance. Form, structure and details are closely intertwined. The desire for architectural authenticity is almost automatically fulfilled – the loadbearing structure defines a canopy's overall appearance; details have both a structural and design function.

The 3dtex GmbH specialises in the design and realisation of such entities encompassing structure, design and functionality.

3dtex offers its clients the full range of services from the first sketch through to the finished structure, at a guaranteed fixed price.

To carry out the various phases of the project, 3dtex works with a network of specialists, including membrane manufacturers, specialised engineers, material science laboratories and trained industrial climbers.

At 3dtex GmbH it all comes together. As an expert in its field, 3dtex guarantees the smooth running of a project from a technical, creative and financial perspective, as well as its on-schedule completion.

Our services are:

· strategic and conceptual consultancy, visualisations

· geometric form definition, structural analysis, engineering of all structural members

· design and detail planning for steel and membrane

· fabrication of all separate parts such as membranes, cables, steel constructions by external suppliers according to the specifications of and monitored by 3dtex

· project management and quality assurance

· delivery and assembly on site

Since the founding of 3dtex GmbH in 2008, the company has worked on more than 40 projects and demonstrated its expertise in the area of fabric architecture.

The founder – architect Stev Bringmann – has planned and implemented projects worldwide since 2001 in sizes S to XXL. A current reference list can be found at www.3dtex.de/eng/Referenzen.htm



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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Membrane structures

Farming and the Fabric Structure

fabric structure is more versatile than an average hoop barn. They are manufactured to stand up to strong wind, heavy rain and unbalanced snow loads. Fabric buildings take care of all of your farming needs from equipment to grain and hay storage.

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Membrane structures

Tensile Structure Engineers

Designers and engineers of tensile fabric structures

Tony Hogg Design

Enlarge picture



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Membrane structures

Legacy The First To Offer Tension Fabric Buildings With Rigid Frame, Structural Steel

Combining superior quality rigid frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric, Legacy Building Solutions introduces the industry’s first line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses.

This new engineering concept provides a high level of flexibility for a wide range of applications, including cattle and agriculture buildings, commodity storage, riding arenas, recreational facilities, commercial and industrial warehousing, and recycling.

Enlarge picture

Legacy buildings utilize a durable rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss framing traditionally used for fabric buildings. Unlike hollow tube steel, Legacy’s solid structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube.

Legacy offers assistance from concept to completion, including renderings, foundation design, installation and project management. To date, Legacy’s in-house, professional installation crews have constructed over 25 million square feet of fabric buildings.

Legacy Building Solutions specializes in the innovative design, engineering and construction of fabric-covered buildings for several different industries and applications.


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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Membrane structures

Tensile Membrane Structures

Fabric structures allow you to make a statement.
Textile construction as a component of modern architecture is accepted increasingly all over the world. Membranes permit area designs which are aesthetic, light weight and durable. They are installed quickly, can cover large areas and do not need support constructions. They can be used for aesthetic and functional purposes, as well as for separation, figurative and visual purposes. Translucent membranes provide natural lighting and Bloc-Out membranes prevent light transmission and significantly reduce heat transmission.

We are exclusive India representatives of BELGIUM based SIOEN INDUSTRIES to distribute their range of Architectural Fabrics (Tent & Tensile Structures) in India. The Beijing Olympics Tent Structures were made in SIOEN Fabrics.

A very advanced and high tech type of technical textile is used for textile architecture. Strict European and international regulations define the production process and technical characteristics of each type of technical textile. We offer from SIOEN’s manufacturing plants in Belgium & France high quality- lightweight and heavy weight Coated Textiles for tensile membrane structures, rooftops, sides, tents, halls, domes, etc.

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Membrane structures

Milestones Offers The Industry’s Best Fabric Structures With Rigid Steel Frames

Milestones Building and Design offers you the industry’s best fabric buildings utilizing structural, rigid steel beams instead of open web trusses. This is the newest technology in tension fabric buildings from 30' to 300' wide x any length. An engineering concept that not only ensures you get the strongest fabric buildings available with easier permitting, you select the dimensions required: width, height, leg height, roof slope, and inside center height.
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Membrane structures

What will 2012 bring to the world of tensile structures?

 Yes, there really is a ‘world of tensile structures’ – a community of people with a passionate interest in what’s going on in what is becoming a very fast moving design environment. Apart from the blogs and tweets, we even share exciting emails when new materials emerge or someone does something really innovative.

… I’m beginning to think this might sound a bit sad to outsiders, so I’ll just get on with the main purpose of this blog: what does 2012 hold for the people who design and make tensile structures – and those that use them?

Firstly, we can’t avoid mentioning the London Olympics, because there will be the biggest single showcase of tensile fabric structures ever assembled. The fantastic designs will (we think) encourage a new wave of applications, and unleash the imaginations of architects and engineers everywhere.

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Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Membrane structures

Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures

Hatch Tensile Membrane Structures www.hatchstructures.co

Membrane Engineering - Add Years to your Structures

We make the Hatch experience worthwhile by providing timely services to our customers. From design and engineering to service and maintenance of the structures, we make sure that our structures are resilient to weather fluctuations. Following are the services provided by Hatch Company

Design and Engineering
After the customer has placed his demands, our team starts working on the design and engineering of the structure. Our designers' work day and night to find the most appealing designs whereas our engineers put in all their efforts to come up with durable and eye-catching configurations.

Our in-house manufacturing facilities include plotter, welding machine and cutting machine. Our precision is unrivalled and as an end-result our customers get more than they desire.

Installation of the tensile structure needs prior homework. In order to successfully set up a structure, we rely on our experienced workers. Since the installation depends upon the shape of the tensile configuration, each task is different from the previous one. Therefore, our team is always prepared to come up with outstanding performance and meet unexpected challenges.

Service and Maintenance
All the components of tensile structure are built with special care and they usually do not require any maintenance in their life cycle. However, cleaning the structure occasionally can drastically increase the life span of the configuration. The external connection cables are vulnerable to weather and climatic changes and need to be taken care of. The climatic conditions or rough handling during installation may cause the membrane to get damaged. In such circumstances, we either repair the fabric or replace it. Moreover, the membrane structure needs to be cleaned every now and then. Hatch keeps a follow up of its customers and provides any kind of services or maintenance needed during the life of the tension structure.
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Membrane structures, Tech textile, Suppliers

Tensile Structure Cutter (video)

Hangzhou ECHO Computer&Technology Co., Ltd.

We produce Automatic cutting machines for tensile membrane, tents and awnings. Watch video of automatic cutting machine in work.
If you need more information, please visit our website: http://en.iechosoft.com
http://www.korytec.com/English/index.html or contact.
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