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Inflatable or air supported building 1111 East Airline HWY, Grammercy, LA 70052 (Atalco)

Building Location:
company - Atalco
city - 1111 East Airline HWY, Grammercy, LA 70052

Structure information:
type - Inflatable or air supported building
length - 300
width - 100
height - 30
units - ft
purpose - Raw Material Storage
offer - Purchase
description - Good Day, I am looking for a quote on a 100 ft X 300 ft air inflated structure. The structure will be used to temporarily store raw materials in a granular form. The entrance/exit would need to accommodate a dump truck and or front-end loader to haul and backhaul product. The structure is needed to keep rain and direct sun off the product for its integrity. I am looking for a budgetary quote but plan to green light the project in the first quarter of 2022.

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Inflatable buildings

What are the advantages of this inflatable marquee

When see this inflatable marquee, we all think it is very good for wedding party. Yes, correct. It is really very popular for wedding party. But, except the wedding, this white tent is also ok for other event such as birthday, celebration or company promotion and so on. It is a widely used for many occasions. 
Enlarge picture

Stability is a very big and important factor during operation. After a lot calculation of our engineer, we decision to use 0.9m diameter tubes even it may make the cost increased. But when seeing the final goods, we think what we thought and what we pay is worth. With this tube size, the huge inflatable event tent is very easy to installed and set up. 
Enlarge picture

Except the tube size, the all open-rolled-closed side windows, clear welded windows, lights and so on, all details, we all very carefully for them and the good details together consist the final good piece. 
Enlarge picture
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Portable hangars

Airbus Atlante UAV Uses Tectoniks Inflatable Hangar

The Atlante UAV manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space uses a highly portable inflatable hangar supplied by Tectoniks Limited in the UK.

Tectoniks inflatable hangar

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Party halls for rent

Clearspan tent

Provide different style "clearspan tent",more essage,please ffel free contact us.
Enlarge picture

At the same time,we accept
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Party halls

Aluminium tent

25X60M aluminiumtent Enlarge picture
The framework is aluminium .More mesage,please visit the website: www.newsafetents.com 

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Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Supplies World of Coca-Cola touring structure

The 'World of Coke' tour of Turkey has completed the first year of a five year tour that will visit 28 cities and attract over 1 Million visitors.
The tour is housed in a Tectoniks 1,600 square metre inflatable structure comprised of three, custom-designed interconnecting domes. The domes enclose zones covering the history of the company, the production processes and quality standards, and the future of Coca-Cola with particular emphasis on sustainability.
Enlarge picture

This is the most comprehensive and long-term project for Coca-Cola in Turkey with the tour employing over 2,500 people over the five years.
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Inflatable buildings

Company of the year - Inflatable structures

Business and Industry Today Magazine recently awarded, Evolution Dome 'Company of the Year' for their creative and inspiring inflatable structures. The inflatable structures company based in Cambridgeshire, England and Benelux, Belgium have been working alongside some of the most well known brands in the world over the past couple of years to inspire their events with their revolutionary and stylish inflatable structures.

Enlarge picture

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Party tents

Exclusive Tents Ltd.

WORLD LEADERS IN BESPOKE LUXURY UNDER CANVAS. Our tents are engineered to bring one closer to nature and allow one the romance of living under canvas, to find the true tranquility and absolute pure passion of life!

Enlarge picture
Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Party tents Viewed: 5992 Author Exclusive Tents 21 May 2013 Comments (0)  

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Party tents

Event Tents Global

Enlarge picture
Event solutions company, supplying all aspects of event needs. We are a one stop rental shop, Event Tents and Furniture, Event logistics, Event Electrics, Event Water solutions, Event Management, all in house and by the one company. Ireland UK Europe & the rest.

We also design and build any idea of tent/structure, to clients exact requirements.
Website: www.eventtentsglobal.com

Enlarge picture
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We help you to manufacture custom structures in China

Enlarge picture

Brotent Tentnology is a specialist providing manufacturing resources and technical support to global structure customer, we have exceptional technical team and structural manufacturing equipment.http://www.brotent.com

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