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Company: Losberger CHINA
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Please contact us for any needs related to Temp Tent Hangars in China.

Mohamed A.T. Soliman
Export Sales Director

Losberger CHINA (Shanghai-Beijing)
Blk 5 Xunhao Industrial Park
258 Jinglian Rd. Minhang District
Shanghai 201108

T: +86-21-61611005
F: +86-21-64343316
Cell: +86-15000665804

Portable hangars



Losberger GmbH

Hangars and Domes: Flexible, Fast and Affordable

In 2003 Losberger Intertent, one of the world largest manufacturers of halls and tents, acquired Walter SAS with its subsidiary TMB, Bachmann and AiS. Today these three companies have been retained unchanged and integrated into the international Losberger operations under the name Losberger RDS.

For many decades Bachmann has been developing, manufacturing and installing hall systems. They consist of a galvanised steel frame covered with durable, PVC-coated heavy tarpaulin that can be put to many uses. For disaster control and military purposes Bachmann halls can be used as storage units with integrated air humidity control (hygrometric control) specially designed for instrument and equipment storage, or as removable workshops.

Our range of fast deployment removable structures has a particularly extensive variety of uses, from storage units to computer centres and military hospitals, all of which can be deployed and be ready for use in minutes thanks to integrated hydraulics.

We also offer a range of hemispherical dome structures in widely different styles, which are ideal as coverings for radar stations, aircraft and equipment.

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have not been rated yet Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 4810 Author losberger 2 May 2007 Comments (3)  

Inflatable buildings

Inflatable Tents Losberger


Losberger GmbH

Inflatable Tents : Versatile, Compactly and Extremely durable

In 2003 Losberger Intertent , one of the world largest manufacturers of halls and tents, acquired Walter SAS with its subsidiary TMB, Bachmann and AiS . Today these three companies have been retained unchanged and integrated into the international Losberger operations under the name Losberger RDS.

TMB and AiS has been successfully supplying products for the civilian emergency, disaster control, decontamination and military markets for over 20 years.

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Their inflatable tents can be deployed in just a few minutes and, among other things, can be used in disaster control and military situations as temporary hospitals, operating theatres, field hospitals and operations control centres. The products can be complemented by NBC decontamination showers, anti-infection covers, NBC clothing, etc. The inflatable tents come in different sizes. They are extremely versatile, can be transported easily and compactly and are very lightweight. They can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes and are extremely durable. With their extensive accessories range, includes windows, mosquito nets, air sleeves, air supply valves etc, we ensure that every requirement can be met.

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Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 4802 Author losberger 2 May 2007 Comments (3)  

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Party halls

Losberger Halls and Tents

altLosberger GmbH

From the very first day: Creative and Qualified

For more than 80 years, we have been contributing our know-how and quality standards to the constant development of event tents and halls in line with the ever changing market requirements. Milestones in the company's development include, the development of aluminium tent structures and the development of modular component systems. Export activities have been expanding our reach constantly since 1992. Today Losberger is represented worldwide with its own subsidiaries and partners.

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Perfect functionality or exclusive appearance? Our answer: Both!

Losberger event tents fulfil all your wishes. Whether a large tent for a big party or individually designed solutions in a practically unsurpassable variety for private functions or corporate events: we provide the right framework for every occasion. Always up-to-date. Any new system component developed fits perfectly with already existing system parts and is always in line with current trends.

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The very best material, workmanship and design.

For the very best all-round appearance and performance at your event

Our range of services: complete support through your planning phase from our professional project managers. Assembly and dismantling of the event tents through our experienced supervisors and fitters. A large variety of accessories such as fittings and furnishings, system flooring, carpeting, lining, lighting, doors, gable designs, podiums and stages, individual decoration, etc. are available on demand. Whatever your needs for exhibitions, weddings, sport events, city festival, election campaign, press centres or other public events – Losberger has the right answer for rental or end user business.

Post rating: Excellent Category: Party halls Viewed: 5782 Author losberger 2 May 2007 Comments (2)  More
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