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Portable hangars

Airbus Atlante UAV Uses Tectoniks Inflatable Hangar

The Atlante UAV manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space uses a highly portable inflatable hangar supplied by Tectoniks Limited in the UK.

Tectoniks inflatable hangar

Post rating: Excellent Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 933 Author Tectoniks 19 december 2014 Comments (0)  More »

Party halls for rent

Clearspan tent

Provide different style "clearspan tent",more essage,please ffel free contact us.
Enlarge picture

At the same time,we accept
have not been rated yet Category: Party halls for rent Viewed: 867 Author newsafetents 26 september 2014 Comments (0)  More »

Running a company related to tensile structures or other relocatable buildings ? Join us to publish your product photos and other promotional information about your company in Fabric Structure community for free!

Portable hangars

Legacy Building Solutions Constructs New Fertilizer Buildings for Iowa Companies

SOUTH HAVEN, Minn. — Legacy Building Solutions announces the completion of two new fertilizer buildings in the state of Iowa. The tension fabric structures were designed, engineered and erected for Ag Partners, LLC in Albert City, Iowa, and Agriland FS in Wyman, Iowa.

Commodity and fertilizer storage | fabric building


The bulk fertilizer plant constructed for Ag Partners measures an impressive 120 by 420 feet, with a peak height of 63 feet and 8/12 roof pitch. 24-foot-tall sidewalls are comprised of 10-foot fabric sides sitting atop a 14-foot concrete wall. The building can store up to 32,000 tons of bulk dry fertilizer, which is distributed by rail and truck to retail and wholesale customers.


“The building was designed and engineered to fit the existing foundation of our previous structure and over our existing conveyor,” said Dan De Jong, vice president of western operations for Ag Partners. “We had great communication in developing the project with Legacy Building Solutions. The design phase was well thought out, and we were given several options that could meet our needs. We were also extremely impressed with the installation process, as the crew was very safety conscious and kept us updated with daily progress reports.”


The previous fabric structure on the site had a hoop frame that had become unsafe due to severe rust issues. The new fabric building features a durable rigid frame and is fully lined to protect the structural steel from fertilizer. The polyethylene tension fabric roof uses no winch straps or block to further prevent against corrosion, and is rated for 90 mph winds and 35 PSF ground snow.


Ventilation has been improved at the Ag Partners plant as well, thanks to mesh vents in the endwalls and mesh soffits and peak vents in the roof. While unloading potash cars shortly after the new building opened, the ventilation system was found to significantly reduce dust concentration.


The commercial fertilizer storage facility built for Agriland FS has a main structure measuring 70 by 100 feet, with a 20-by-40-foot lean-to attached, which provides a total storage capacity of 1,200 tons. The design accommodates four large overhead doors (two in the main structure and two in the lean-to) and one personnel door. A passive roof ventilation system and four 48-inch square mesh endwall vents provide enhanced air quality inside the building.


For protection against corrosion, the fabric building’s structural steel frame is hot dip galvanized, and the trusses are engineered so the structure can support a conveyor weight of 350 pounds per lineal foot. The roof is rated for 90 mph wind speed and 20 PSF snowload.


Legacy Building Solutions specializes in the innovative design, engineering and construction of fabric-covered buildings for several different industries and applications. For more information, contact Legacy Building Solutions, 19500 County Road 142, South Haven, MN 55382, call 320-259-7126 or 877-259-1528, or visit the company’s website at www.legacybuildingsolutions.com.

have not been rated yet Category: Portable hangars Viewed: 1655 Author legacybuildings 28 july 2014 Comments (0)  

Party halls

Aluminium tent

25X60M aluminiumtent Enlarge picture
The framework is aluminium .More mesage,please visit the website: www.newsafetents.com 

Post rating: Excellent Category: Party halls Viewed: 2248 Author newsafetents 10 september 2013 Comments (0)  More »

Inflatable buildings

Tectoniks Supplies World of Coca-Cola touring structure

The 'World of Coke' tour of Turkey has completed the first year of a five year tour that will visit 28 cities and attract over 1 Million visitors.
The tour is housed in a Tectoniks 1,600 square metre inflatable structure comprised of three, custom-designed interconnecting domes. The domes enclose zones covering the history of the company, the production processes and quality standards, and the future of Coca-Cola with particular emphasis on sustainability.
Enlarge picture

This is the most comprehensive and long-term project for Coca-Cola in Turkey with the tour employing over 2,500 people over the five years.
Post rating: Excellent Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 2171 Author Tectoniks 9 september 2013 Comments (0)  More »

Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!

Inflatable buildings

Company of the year - Inflatable structures

Business and Industry Today Magazine recently awarded, Evolution Dome 'Company of the Year' for their creative and inspiring inflatable structures. The inflatable structures company based in Cambridgeshire, England and Benelux, Belgium have been working alongside some of the most well known brands in the world over the past couple of years to inspire their events with their revolutionary and stylish inflatable structures.

Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Inflatable buildings Viewed: 2002 Author Evolution Dome 9 august 2013 Comments (0)  More »


Exclusive Tents Ltd.

WORLD LEADERS IN BESPOKE LUXURY UNDER CANVAS. Our tents are engineered to bring one closer to nature and allow one the romance of living under canvas, to find the true tranquility and absolute pure passion of life!

Enlarge picture
Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Other Viewed: 3362 Author Exclusive Tents 21 may 2013 Comments (0)  

Party tents

Event Tents Global

Enlarge picture
Event solutions company, supplying all aspects of event needs. We are a one stop rental shop, Event Tents and Furniture, Event logistics, Event Electrics, Event Water solutions, Event Management, all in house and by the one company. Ireland UK Europe & the rest.

We also design and build any idea of tent/structure, to clients exact requirements.
Website: www.eventtentsglobal.com
Email: contact@eventtentsglobal.com

Enlarge picture
have not been rated yet Category: Party tents Viewed: 2319 Author eventtentsglobal 6 may 2013 Comments (0)  

reliant energy texas . essayshark review
Your company is capable producing a tension structure or an inflatable building ? Join us and publish your structure photos and information about your product on Fabric Structure community site for free!


We help you to manufacture custom structures in China

Enlarge picture

Brotent Tentnology is a specialist providing manufacturing resources and technical support to global structure customer, we have exceptional technical team and structural manufacturing equipment.http://www.brotent.com

have not been rated yet Category: Suppliers Viewed: 2766 Author brotent 27 march 2013 Comments (0)  More »


We help you to make structures from China

Brotent Tentnology Hongkong is a specialist in designing, engineering and fabrication of clear span fabric structures in China.

Company Features:

1. Focus on providing custom made temporary building solutions;
2. Offer global customers the best OEM package in China;
3. Every structures from our company must be pre-engineered according to specific building code;
4. Every structrue having 10 -15 years warranty period;
5. We carry out European standard and or equivalent quality and inspection standard;
6. Small team less costy Zero risk;
7. 24 hours service.

Enlarge picture

have not been rated yet Category: Suppliers Viewed: 3332 Author brotent 26 march 2013 Comments (0)  More »
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